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Chatrudee Ngamvalairatt, EVP, Customer experience management, Bank of Ayudhya, Thailand

Chatrudee Ngamvalairatt, EVP, Customer experience management, Bank of Ayudhya, Thailand

Customer Experience Management is gathering momentum. Many organizations are now finding ways to do this and as a result are outperforming their competitors. So, what should be focused on CX establishment in the organization?

1) The customer feedback platform to monitor and measure on major key drivers – The voice of customer (VOC) is mainly gathered in the forms of the customer feedback information which will be collected from all customer touchpoint and customer experience survey information which is collected through business product & service and channel surveys. In addition, it is recommended to conduct the surveys in key customer journeys to examine overall Customer Experience. The result for the customer journey survey is a unified, customer-centric view that tells the whole story and not just one piece. Therefore, it enables the organization to see the point where Customer Experience is broken and help to make decision on areas to allocate resources for improvement.

2) The Measurement Metrics and Journey Prioritization – The customer feedback should be regularly measured, then generated into metrics and dashboard for monitoring and impact analysis purposes. The action plans, initiatives, and prioritization journeys will be prioritized, then passed on to responsible teams for improvement and finally delivered as improved experience to customers.

3) The Customer Perspective Understanding & Experience Design – The strategy to put the customer first at the core of the business is not only by having good products or services. It means offering great Customer Experience based on the outside-in view from a customer. As such, it is recommended to put the focus on the empathizing customer to derive with customer journeys. Learning from real customer’s pain points will lead to the experience improvements and innovation that match the customer’s perspective.

4) The Cultivation of Customer-Centric Culture – In order to successfully build superior Customer Experience, all employees in the organization must have customer-centric mindsets and must share the same goal, which is to provide the highest level of Customer Experience to the customer. One of the recommendations is to apply human-centered approach (Design Thinking) to all employees to help drive Customer Experience and Innovation in the organization. The term “customer-centricity” is always easy to be said but it is very difficult to be done, especially when breaking it down into different functions within the organization. It is always a challenge because customer needs and demands are constantly changing, we cannot stand still but have to test the market and get feedback and see what we can do and always ask a question “Are we really doing our best?” We have to always keep in mind that customer needs always change and we have to be cognizant of that fact.

5) Customer Experience governance - To strengthen Customer Experience governance, several components should be put in place to ensure the visibility and transparency of the Customer Experience measurements. As part of the strategy, the establishment of the Customer Experience management framework and policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementations, by the members of the governing body – Customer Experience Council (CXC) should be focused.

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