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In the telecom industry market, the rivalry is fierce which can be witnessed in multiple levels, including the devices available in a provider’s catalog, the recommended tariff plans and presenting innovative services that stand out from competitors’ propositions. All this is to attain customer’s loyalty as subscribers are currently more inclined to switch provider with the click of a button if the services are unsatisfactory. “The problem currently is choice and the primary need of telecom operators today is to find ways to improve the retention and value of their subscribers by offering specific and relevant solutions rather than offering a regular bouquet of services to everyone,” states Amit Sanyal, VP & Executive Head, Consumer Value Solutions, Comviva. The India based organization is one such premier company offering its unique products and software platform to the telecom industry since 1999.

“We provide unique tools and systems to our customers, so that they, in turn, can help overcome the challenges that they face with their customers,” states Sanyal. As an organization playing in the Customer Experience Management segment, Comviva operates with the conviction to treat every customer as an individual and not as a segment, solving issues at their level.

MobiLytix, Comviva’s flagship platform, reinforces this belief. It is a big data-driven analytics platform to drive customer value management. The solution leverages big data and analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer insights, assuring revenue growth and enhanced customer experience.
With this platform, Comviva provides a portfolio of customer experience management solutions that help its clients to manage the end-to-end consumer lifecycle. The suite aggregates subscriber usage data across multiple telecom vendor touchpoints, facilitating superior customer experience while increasing revenue of the telecom operators.

The offering is a comprehensive business proposition addressing the business needs of service providers. It harnesses the potential of an analytical engine directed at understanding the multiple events across a customer’s lifecycle and creates strategies to increase a customer’s lifetime value.

Three Focus Areas

The first focus area within the MobiLytix Suite is traditional Customer Value Management. Comviva provides a three-steps insight for every “event” across the telecom sector—the relevance of an event; whether the event can be monetized or utilized to enhance customer experience; whether it can be correlated to any other event that happened in the past. This three-step insight is one feature of the MobiLytix Suite, with which Comviva can conduct direct customer engagements. The second focus area of the MobiLytix Suite is what Comviva calls Retail Customer Value Management. It enables the alignment of the interaction of an operator’s retailers with customers at retail touchpoints. This innovative solution enhances the customer experience when visiting retailers by ensuring targeted and relevant offers are presented to the consumer by the retailer, who derives incremental commissions for maximizing customer value.

The final focus area of the MobiLytix Suite is termed Mobile Money CVM and is focused on helping mobile money operators increase the adoption and use of mobile money services. All these areas are integrated into one platform, creating the MobiLytix Suite.

Recently, Comviva deployed MobiLytix IRIS, an analytics-powered Retailer Engagement Solution within Retail Customer Value Management, for a leading Global mobile operator with a large African presence. The operator required a platform to intelligently understand consumer behavior and communicate Upsell offers during the Prepaid Recharge transaction process over the counter at a Retail Point of Sale. With IRIS, Comviva increased the company’s ROI, product awareness, and take-rate.

Comviva analyzes insights from multiple unstructured data sources, providing a seamless multi-channel customer experience; building a user-friendly solution that promotes ROI for client enterprises through customer retention and ARPU enhancement. “As an organization, the focus of MobiLytix is not limited to the telecom sector. It is a cross-domain solution catering to every industry,” concludes Sanyal.
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