Edge: The Silver Bullet for Promotional Campaigns

Fergus Koochew, EdgeFergus Koochew
Today, promotional campaigns and consumer incentivization are the means for brands to appreciate and sustain customer loyalty. These activities lay the foundation for an enriching and lasting association with customers. Rapid digitization has enabled the marketers to explore a plethora of options to attract and retain customers through free tickets, free digital gift cards, downloads, discount coupons, bespoke offers, and redeemable credits. However, identifying the right promotion for the right customers remains a complicated task for brands. Moreover, the end-to-end orchestration and roll out of a promotional drive across a brand’s target audience can be a herculean task. This is where Edge comes in as a ‘silver-bullet’ for delivering consumer-centric promotional programs.

The company provides a robust yet flexible, cloud-based platform for companies to design, implement, and execute their promotional campaigns. Having been in the industry for over a decade, the company holds the expertise to help clients across retail, FMCG, banking & insurance, and various other sectors in strategizing their promotional programs. “We have over 50 million promotional entries in our database. It gives us the capability to look at different types of campaigns across industry verticals and customer segments to help them understand what the likely impact of a particular promotion will be,” says Fergus Koochew, Managing Director at Edge.

We have over 50 million promotional entries in our database and it gives us the capability to look at different types of campaigns across industry verticals

The company offers the ability to seamlessly integrate customized reward content into their platform. Besides, in a prebuilt fashion, the company houses over 600 digital content rewards which companies can choose, plug, and play from Edge’s ‘Digital Vault’. The firm even addresses risk management services, including local regulatory compliance mandates, T&C development and over redemption insurance cover and prize brokerage. After all, implementing a campaign in the digital realm could spell disaster if the initiative isn’t reviewed thoroughly from security and risk standpoint. Owing to automated implementation and risk management, Edge’s one-stop shop platform has proved to be an invaluable tool for marketers.

The success story of a large retailer who had partnered with Edge to develop an in-store promotional platform highlights the various capabilities of the company. The retailer needed a platform that could be employed by franchisees or point of sale operators. Edge’s platform enabled the retailer to instantly recognize and reward qualified purchases in-store and helped them deploy a variety of engaging reward content. The platform also served as a hub for the retailer to manage and track the status of their campaign. The company has had many such client associations, which serve as testimonies to the fact that utilizing Edge eliminates the need for clients to shuttle among multiple, disjointed solution providers.

Since their humble beginnings in 2006 as a start up from Melbourne, Edge has spiraled to become an entity with presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and Sydney. Many of the biggest names in the consumer world today leverage Edge to be competitive in the market. The company continues to push the boundaries of what they can do both as a consultant and a technology solution provider. “The vast majority of our profits is invested in our technology to improve customer experience, develop more engaging promotional entry mechanics, and integrate with the latest in digital payments and reward content to deliver a powerful return on investment for our clients,” concludes Koochew.
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Fergus Koochew

Provides a robust yet flexible platformto enable companies to design, implement, and execute promotional campaigns

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