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Customer experience management (CEM) has been a buzzword for several years now and is only heating up. Ironically, there is not enough focus on the customers themselves in CEM today. A single unsatisfactory encounter of the customer with the brand brings in their possibility to permanently end their relationship and look for a new brand. Unhappy customers can also damage a brand’s reputation through negative word of mouth or social media posts. In such a situation, maintaining a healthy customer relationship is, therefore, paramount for all brands to sustain their business performance. To achieve this feat, brands are on a lookout for a platform that helps them reinvigorate their contact centers and elevate customer engagement and communication. While there are a number of companies contributing to help brands develop sound customer relationships, one company creating a buzz in the CEM space is a global agency, MRM//McCann.

MRM//McCann is a leading global customer relationship agency that helps brands grow meaningful relationships with people. By blending the power of creativity, the beauty of data, the magic of technology, and the impact of connections in their business, MRM// McCann has proven to be invaluable to organizations as it helps them create immense business value. The company harnesses and unites the network of 3,500 people located across 40-plus offices around the world with its powerful notion of collective intelligence. Some of the key tools that empower this notion, insight, and inspiration include PURPLE BRIEF™, a global crowdsourcing approach that mobilizes the entire agency’s entire network to solve business problems.
It is a gamified approach that engages everyone to generate ideas, build on ideas, and resolve the existing problems.

Emphasizing on this approach, Kate MacNevin, global CEO of MRM//McCann says, “Since 2017, we have launched over 20 PURPLE BRIEF™, bringing in more than 4,300 ideas from MRMers across the globe, in order to form a collective intelligence perspective.”

MRM//McCann has developed a proprietary product, a collective intelligence toolbox, that identifies the ‘why’ behind consumer actions throughout their entire journey with the brand. The company also performs customer journey mapping to map customer experiences across their entire interaction with a brand, and address their expectations and pain points. To additionally understand the cultural problems of a customer, MRM//McCann has invested in a proprietary internal insights unit, with a focus on macro cultural trends and macro studies to learn how brands engage with customers in different ways.

MRM//McCann offers ZETA/BETA/GO™, a business consulting service that helps a brand augment its business process technology, organizational learning, change management, and operational sustainability. This service helps brands put their customers at the center, and CEM as a big part of the organization’s change management. ZETA/ BETA/GO™ includes the development of a framework that guides clients to integrate key areas of their business in a simple, focused way, tailoring to their specific needs. The company’s consulting service also defines clear roles and accountabilities for all internal and external constituents in three stages—preparing the organization for change, data literacy implementation, and then the optimization. At the end of the process, the client will have successfully transformed their organization with minimized disruption and maximum room for growth.

MRM//McCann is not about B2B or B2C, but P2P (people to people) that create more profitable and longer-lasting customers for brands. Besides being a borderless agency, where all the people across their network work and think the same, the company’s focus on risk and velocity sets it apart from the rest. MacNevin exclaims, “We are differentiated in the industry because we understand the needs of every individual, and craft experiences that connect the brand and customer emotionally, as well as rationally.”

Having grown last year by 15percent globally, MRM//McCann is consistent with its vision and values across all of its offices worldwide. The company plans to open a new global Center of Excellence in the Asia Pacific by the end of this year, alongside enhancing its present footprint in Argentina and Romania. Catering to an increasingly competitive and fragmented marketplace, MRM//McCann will be investing in their innovation lab, LAB13, which is a human-tech process to combine design thinking and design engineering to invent meaningful solutions in the future.
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MRM McCann

MRM McCann

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Kate MacNevin

MRM McCann harness and unite the power of creativity, the beauty of data, the magic of technology and the impact of connections to create brand experiences that deliver effective business results

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