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Vijesh Yoganathan, Oaky Vijesh Yoganathan
Hotels are facing a great challenge to balance guest experience while maintaining profitability because of the high expectations from guests, increasing reliance on the online world, and the emergence of intense competition. One of the best ways to boost revenue and add value to each customer is by employing upselling and cross-selling strategies. However, the problem is that most of the CRM and revenue management tools available in the market are often one-sided that don’t properly balance the needs of the hotel and the end-user, or guest. The need for the hospitality industry’s hour is a dynamic platform that places a strong emphasis on both high-quality guest experience and incremental revenue.

Oaky, a hyper-personalised automated upsell engine for hotels. Recognised hotel software by Hotel Tech Report 2020

A maven in the hospitality industry, Oaky comes up with a novel approach to automate individualized upselling. Inspired by the hyper-personalisation applied by the likes of Netflix and Spotify, Oaky ensures that every guest who clicks on the upsell email sees room upgrades and ancillary services that are specific to their needs, and are differing from what a guest of another profile would see.
"By ensuring that we deliver the right product and service to the right guest at the right time, Oaky is able to simultaneously enhance the guest experience and drive maximum incremental revenue from every booker for our hotels" says Vijesh Yoganathan, Head of APAC at Oaky.

Collaborating with their primary customers in chain hotels allows Oaky to continually innovate and improve the tool with tangible challenges in mind. "We work closely with hotels, regularly tweaking our product based on your feedback. While we're proud to maintain an average ROI of 13.8 for our customers, we knew that in order to continue improving our results, deeper knowledge of our product's end user was also needed." - Tako Paddenburg, Co-founder of Oaky.

Once connected to the PMS, Channel Manager or another tech solution of the hotel, Oaky communicates on behalf of hoteliers through personalised targeted email sequences. Hoteliers can fully optimize their emails according to their brand, and rely on the smart engine of the tool as the timing of these pre-stay offer emails is empirically tested to incite the guests’ best response.

Especially in times of lower occupancy every guest matters. This is where Oaky comes in to improve guest communication before arrival empowering the guest to fine-tune their own experience at the hotel. To diversify hoteliers' choice for creative deals Oaky created a digital upsell suggestion library based on its data set of about 8.000 deals. Going through top converting suggested deals hoteliers can easily select preferred templates and use the content translated to 24 languages.

Thanks to the recent investment by Peakspan Oaky was able to use this downtime to proactively develop new product features while offering it's solution to hoteliers completely free for 60 days from the going-live day. You can find out more about this offer here.
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Vijesh Yoganathan

Browsing from best-selling upsell offers, hoteliers can add personalised guest-facing deals in a few clicks, and promote them through perfectly timed guest communication. This puts guests in control of designing their stay with upgrades, special deals and ancillary services. In short, Oaky helps hotels drive additional profit from their existing customers by delivering a superior experience to guests. Oaky is trusted by innovative hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the likes of Event Hotels, Onyx Hospitality Group & Radisson Hotel Group

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