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Kim Hann, One2TenKim Hann
It’s obvious that capturing feedback from customers provides valuable insight and stimulates innovations to enhance business performance. However, there are a significant number of businesses that are still struggling to get relevant feedback because of their decades-old methods such as long post experience surveys, focus groups and targeted customer interviews. “These methods and platforms are still stuck in the 90s with large numbers of unnecessary questions and responses that don’t provide actionable insights into user experience,” says Kim Hann, Managing Partner of One2Ten. She adds that the conventional approaches, such as sending long questionnaires post the experience through e-mail and SMS leads to customer fatigue and ultimately the decline in response rates, not to mention it automatically excludes the elderly, younger and non-local people that either have no email, or don’t speak the language. “Why only engage with your customers post experience, when you can get the feedback in realtime? You get remarkably high response rates, with feedback that is instant, relevant to the moment and most importantly, immediately actionable,” mentions Kim.

One2Ten’s core focus is to help businesses structure a better way to capture and understand customer feedback through an elegant, simplistic turn-key solution that is insightful, actionable and real-time. The firm’s solution covers three perspectives that change the conventional approach to a holistic one when it comes to capturing customer feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS). From a Solution perspective, One2Ten’s offering is easy to operationalise across the offline (physical) and online channels and provides real-time data. From a Customer perspective, it provides the ability to capture customers’ unsolicited feedback at the point of experience. Finally, from a Company perspective, the solution gives the ability to capture a 360-degree view of the business.

The One2Ten solution also helps clients create questionnaires to dive into the “what and understand the why” of customer’s experience, feedback and ratings. It helps by enabling businesses plan and execute on the insights gained, resulting in better product offerings, brand positioning, process improvement and more. The solution also creates the mindset that customers become the company’s brand advisors.

Explaining what differentiates One2Ten from other market leaders, Kim says that they are working with organisations to change the approach to capturing feedback not just from post experience but also pre-experience and during the experience based on a perpetual improvement program. “No one wants a complex solution with a complete cultural change in a big bang approach. We offer quick wins that help drive a broader cultural change,” states Kim.

You get remarkably high response rates, with feedback that is instant, relevant to the moment and most importantly, immediately actionable

Extending beyond retail, One2Ten also marks its presence in the financial, hospitality, healthcare, education, business to business and facility management industries. “One2Ten strives to become the voice of the patients in Age Care, the voice of the students in Education, the voice of the banking customer in the financial sector and voice of the guest in the hospitality,” Kim asserts.

In one instance, One2Ten designed a solution for National Gallery Singapore, a progressive art museum that engages audiences through thoughtfully-curated exhibitions, innovative programming and exciting dining and retail offerings. The Gallery initially installed seven kiosks across different spaces in the museum. Almost immediately, the Gallery received 400 percent more visitor feedback. Given the initial success of the solution, the number of kiosks was increased to 22, which then improved visitor feedback by additional 2.5 times. The data collected from the solution, allowed management to make sound decisions that increased the Gallery’s operational efficiencies. This contribution and impact to the Singapore’s art scene was recognised by the National Arts Council and One2Ten was honoured with the Friend of the Arts Award at the Patrons of the Arts Awards Ceremony 2018.

Kim believes that One2Ten’s enthusiasm for innovation and commitment to customer success has been the greatest driver behind its growth. On the geographical front, One2Ten is a global organisation operating in Europe, APAC and currently exploring the U.S. markets.
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