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Adérito Ferreira, Readiness ITAdérito Ferreira
The factors that drive competitive advantage are always evolving. Today, customer experience (CX) is on par with price and product as the leading differentiating factor for companies. Customers are demanding more with each passing day. Evidently, the challenge of accomplishing competitive advantage boils down to how fast, effective, and satisfactory the customer needs are attended to. To further boost their brand’s image and credibility, companies should leverage the power of an omnichannel and multi-channel strategy that integrates text, call, social media, chat, email, and instant messaging to provide a unified brand experience. In a nutshell, the path to delivering superior CX is no cakewalk; however, CX experts at Readiness IT are changing this narrative.

Readiness IT develops solutions and products that enhance the user experience (UX) and automate processes to increase business efficiency. With strong experience in telecommunications, Readiness IT specializes in telco integrations for Digital Transformation Programs. The company, acting global from their operations in Portugal, Chile, and New Zealand, empowers its clients with its unparalleled services and solutions to create CX omnichannel strategies, present a single view of processes, architecture and business, and more. Backed by years of experience in high-profile integration projects, the core team at Readiness IT also assists clients in processes with wireframes and mockups design for delivering an engaging UX across the web or apps. Readiness IT not only helps its clients in the digitalization of their channels but also prepares them to open their business to new marketplaces. “We are committed to enhancing our clients’ customer experience by studying and adapting to their culture and needs. This, in turn, also makes us unique as we drive successful outcomes by focusing on the end customer and providing them with the elasticity to adapt to, and understand different cultures,” says Adérito Ferreira, the CEO of Readiness IT. “Over the last four years, we have managed to contribute decisively to the transformation of clients and have impacted more than 50 million subscribers across Latin America, Oceania, North America, and Europe.”

With an aim to provide an all-in-one offering, Readiness IT has developed experience-oriented solutions that focus on improving the experience for both employees and clients. These solutions present new ways to speed up processes, reduce training costs, and deliver a superior and omnichannel experience, both digitally and in assisted channels. Readiness IT has also devised solutions for order management and tools for overcoming configuration issues and automating quality tests. The entire solution portfolio focuses on the automation of manual tasks to accelerate certain operations and also centralize different systems.

Our services have impacted more than 50 million subscribers across Latin America, Oceania, North America and Europe

This is where Readiness IT draws on its rich expertise in systems integration to elevate automation and orchestration of processes, which allows activating new services in seconds instead of hours. “When it comes to solving the challenges associated with long queues and call wait time, we implement an omnichannel strategy to meet customers’ expectations and give them the independence to operate their services without the aid of an assistant. We also develop tools that help the assistants attend to customer requests. In doing so, we deliver an omnichannel, multichannel platform that allows assistants to deliver a quicker and personalized service,” illustrates Adérito.
While Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are drastically changing B2C communication, Readiness IT is primed to reap the benefits of these technologies and take their product suite to the next level. Adérito believes that the manner in which a company reaches out to deliver a personalized experience to their customers makes a huge difference. “Customers are now used to brands connecting with them in a personal way. Evidently, companies need to learn about their customers and tell them what they need before the customer even realizes it,” he adds. The company is also developing the best practices know-how of technologies like automation and blockchain to offer its customers increasingly optimized and agile solutions. “Our focus is to allow companies to evaluate their current experience, define a strategy to improve it, and provide tools to get there,” he explains.

Readiness IT’s ability to enhance customer experience was on full display when one of its clients approached it to improve the quality, time, and flexibility of their current platform to boost the experience in stores and call centers. Readiness IT implemented solutions that allowed the assistants to greet the customer with a tablet for delivering a more personalized in-store experience. The centralized solution allowed the assistants to examine customer history across different channels. The user-friendly solution also improved the quality of the service by eliminating the time taken to train assistants for understanding the solution. “They could grab the tablet and start managing their customers’ services,” says Adérito. Readiness IT also applied the same solution to door-to-door sales.

At the core of Readiness IT’s ascension to success lies a multidisciplinary team skilled in UX and processes, ordering & catalogue management, charging & billing management, quality assurance automation & deploy, enterprise architecture, integration, orchestration & automation, and customer relationship management. With experts seasoned in different competencies valuable for any business, Readiness IT analyzes the client’s business ecosystem, suggests improvements, and provides support on execution. Besides providing skilled professionals, the company presents three different engagement models that meet diverse clients’ needs. These engagement models involve “turn-key” projects with a fixed price and strong commitment, “time & materials” and “cell model team” created on request. Readiness IT also helps setting up teams on-shore, remote or near-shore, providing flexibility for clients’ projects.

Moving ahead, the company will continue fine-tuning its competences every year. Currently, Readiness IT is developing a suite with new business solutions, which aims to revolutionize the way its clients deliver customer experience providing their products & services. As Adérito mentions, “the easy-to-use and fast-to-implement suite will serve a multitude of businesses, helping them reduce TSO and TMO, consolidating the knowledge of Readiness IT experience’s in implemented integration projects.”
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Readiness IT

Readiness IT

Porto, Portugal

Adérito Ferreira

Readiness IT provides CX services to its clients to make sure that the client companies can cater to it’s the growing customer experience (CX) requirement. The company empowers its clients to create CX strategies, present a single view of processes, architecture, and business, define an omnichannel CX for 360 degree experience, and more. As one of the top customer experience management consulting or services company, backed by years of experience in the industry, the core team at Readiness IT also assists clients with wireframes and mockups design for delivering an engaging user experience (UX) across the web or apps

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